Manage your business, not apps!

Cubicl allows your team to manage tasks, projects and clients together. You can share files, track time, chat with your team and do many more things.

You can use all features together or you can choose only the ones you need. You increase your productivity by integrating all features in a single app. With Cubicl, you use your time for managing your business instead of managing different apps.

Use Cases

Task Management

You can assign tasks to your team members. It is easy to keep track of tasks thanks to customizable Kanban view. You will get notifications about task assignments, progress change, overdue tasks and comments on the tasks.

Start and due dates

Attach files

Time tracking

Recurring tasks

Get notifications


Set reminders

Post comments

Customize Kanban

And many more...


Project Management

You can plan your projects and get reports and statistics about tasks completed, time spent on tasks and team member performances. You can prepare Gantt Charts and visualize your teams plan on Time Chart page.

Interactive Gantt Charts

Task reports

Task relations


Time Chart for your team's workload

Time tracking reports

Integrated with tasks


Team Collaboration

Your team can collaborate by sharing files, sending messages in personal or group chat, writing comments on tasks. Information is shared easily and can be reached later.

Personal chat

Group chat

File sharing

Create groups

Comment on tasks




You can manage your relations with your customers in Cubicl. Create clients, keep track of projects, tasks and deals related to your clients. Use our ticket system to collect support requests.

Create clients

Save contacts and take notes

Sales pipeline

Ticket system

Tag clients on tasks

View all activities


Client Portal (Very Soon)

Provide a portal for your clients. Share projects, tasks and files with them. Let your clients get notified about any progress. Collect support requests and communicate with your clients with ticket system. Embed communication forms and client portal into your website.

Manage clients separately

Select the tasks they can see

Send and receive files

Notifications about progress

Embed communication and quote forms into your website



Everything you need in one app and continuing to add more every month.

Task Management

Create and assign tasks to team members. You can add details such as start and due dates, sub-steps, description, progress bars and more. Get notified about activities instantly.


Get reports for completed and overdue tasks. See how much time your team spends on the tasks. Get statistics.

File Sharing

Upload your files and share them with your team in Files page. You can also attach files to tasks or send them over chat.

Gantt Chart

Let's you easily plan and manage your projects. See project schedule, assignees and task dependencies.

Time Tracking

Measures and reports how much time your team spends on assigned tasks. You can also see on which tasks your team is currently working.

Instant Notifications

You receive notifications on our web and mobile apps and never miss an important event.


You can talk to your team one-to-one or as a group without changing the page you are working on. You can share files.


Prevent complexity and organize work by creating separate groups for your teams, projects and company units. You can create sub-groups.


View your entire schedule in your Personal Calendar. View your team's calendar in Group Calendar.

Email Notifications

You will be notified by email notifications when you are not online. You get activity, chat, reminder and overdue task notifications and can turn off any of them.


Keep your notes in Cubicl instead of constantly disappearing post-it notes. Search and quickly access your notes.

Recurring Tasks

Create your tasks and set them to repeat. New task copies will appear when time comes. Great for regular meetings and work.

Personal Tasks

You can keep track of your personal tasks. Until you share them with other members, they are only visible to you.

Help Desk

Receive and reply support requests (tickets) submitted by your clients. Assign them to your team and manage customer relations easily.


You can save clients and quickly access their details. You can keep track of the tasks created for your clients.


Lets you manage your sales pipeline easily. You can work on deals with your team and customize the sales stages.

Different Views

You can view your tasks in Kanban, List and Calendar views. You can put your tasks in Gantt Chart to create a plan. You can use Time Chart to view your team's entire workload.


Divide a task into smaller subtasks to separate everyone's work and manage them easily.


You can set user permissions on each group separately for tasks, files, reports etc.

Private Tasks and Groups

You can create tasks which are only visible to assignees and groups which are only visible to members.

Current Tasks

Lets you see on which tasks your team members are currently working.

Task Steps

Create checklists (steps) on tasks to manage and view task progress.


You can connect your Google Calendar, Google Drive and Slack apps to Cubicl.

Cubicl and Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar

Import your calendar into Cubicl as tasks. Sync the tasks in Cubicl to Google Calendar.

Cubicl and Google Drive Integration

Google Drive

Attach files to tasks directly from your Google Drive account.

Cubicl and Slack Integration


Get important notifications in your Slack channel and never miss a thing again.

Mobile Apps

You can use our Android and iOS apps and get mobile notifications.

You can upload files by taking photos. You can create clients from your contacts. You can call, sms and email your clients.

Cubicl Mobile Apps

User Reviews

We were trying the manage our work with emails and Excel files before Cubicl. Now we are managing all of our work from a single place without hassle.

Çağrı Yüzbaşıoğlu
ISSD Electronics

Cubicl contributes to increasing our productivity in addition to improving our work flow.

Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Unit Design

We have started managing our projects easily after trying Cubicl. Now, we use it in all our projects.

Atilla Kahraman
DSPRO Digital Signal Processing

Don't miss the deal! Try and see Cubicl yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely! We store all your information in secure servers and backup our database daily. All our traffic is served over SSL. Our application is penetration tested by a cyber security company to increase data security.

How can I get support?

You can use the live chat in our website or send us an email.

Can I add more users?

Of course! You can get the AppSumo deal for up to 15 users. If you want to add more users, you pay the regular subscription fees for those extra users.

Can I upgrade to Enterprise Plan?

Yes. Contact us to upgrade your plan. In this case you only pay the difference between Professional Plan offered in AppSumo Deal and the Enterprise Plan. This is $7.50 per user per month. Extra users are charged for full price.


Hover over the features to read their descriptions.


For small teams who need task management and CRM.


per user per month

Assign tasks
Mobile applications
Instant notifications
Personal notes
Recurring tasks
Personal tasks
File sharing
10 groups
500 clients
1 GB storage space per user
Support via email, ticket and chat


For growing teams who need more functionality.


per user per month

Everything in Starter Plan
Task reports
Gantt chart
Timeline chart
Time tracking
Help Desk
Client Portal (soon)
Group permissions
Customize task states
Archive groups
Clients page permissions
Customize sales pipeline
Unlimited groups
10,000 clients
3 GB storage space per user
Support via email, ticket and chat


For large teams who need more control and security.


per user per month

Everything in Professional Plan
Private tasks
Private groups
Restore deleted tasks
Two-Factor Authentication (soon)
Unlimited groups
Unlimited clients
10 GB storage space per user
Support via email, ticket and chat
Support via remote desktop connection

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Our Roadmap

We collect feature requests from our users and prioritize them by number of requests and their impact.

We usually publish a new feature every week! Please send a feature request if you have one. We update our roadmap multiple times a week.

You can check our changelog for past updates.

Next 10 Major Features In Our Roadmap

  1. 1
    Custom Fields For Clients

    Allow adding custom fields other than default fields to client details.

  2. 2
    Client Portal

    Allow sharing tasks, projects and files with clients. Communicate with clients and manage support requests. Allow embedding forms to web sites to collect visitor/client messages or requests for quote. Multi-language support on client portal and embedded forms.

  3. 3
    Import and Export Clients

    Allow importing and exporting clients from/to CSV, Excel files.

  4. 4
    Mobile App Improvements

    Add more functionality to mobile apps and improve performance.

  5. 5
    Gantt Chart on Mobile Apps

    Allow viewing and editing Gantt Charts on mobile apps.

  6. 6

    Mention users in chat messages and task comments.

  7. 7
    Emoji Support

    Allow using emojis in chat messages and task comments.

  8. 8
    Project Templates

    Allow creating new projects by copying existing groups. All tasks inside will be copied too. Task states and progress will be reset in the new group.

  9. 9
    Edit Task Steps Without Task Form

    Create and delete task steps directly on the task details page without opening the task form. This will make it easier to add new items to the step check list.

  10. 10
    Public API

    Integrate your apps with Cubicl.

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