Cubicl Client Portal

Client Portal is a web and mobile based application that you can offer to your clients. You can use Cubicl for both internal team & project management and communication with your clients.

Web & Mobile

Your clients can use portal on web or download the Android and iOS apps.


You can customize the portal with your brand name, logo, colors and texts.

Custom Domain

You can use the link we provide or you can switch to your own domain address.

You can try all features for free with your team. No limits!


Communicate and Collaborate

You can communicate with clients through Support Requests or Shared Projects. Your whole team or the assignees you select can see the correspondence so that everybody can be on the same page. No more forgotten details, unshared information or hard-to-follow mails.

Support Requests

Get support requests through Client Portal or Public Form you can put into your website.

Questions & Answers

Clients and prospects can ask you questions about your services, pricing and get information.

Private Communication

You can talk privately with your team on correspondences. Clients see only what you share with them.

What You See

Your team can manage all projects, clients and collaborate privately. Your team has a 360° view of everything.

What You See

What Your Clients See

Your clients only see what you share with them. Your messages on correspondendes won't be visible until you make them visible to the client.

What Your Client Sees

Share Files

Your team and your clients can share files.

You and your clients can always access files. No need to mail the same files again and again.

No need for external sites. All files are stored and shared in the same app.

Protect the files by sharing and unsharing anytime you want.

Your clients can send you files too.

Share Projects

Let your clients follow the project and give feedback.

Keep your team and clients in sync by sharing project process.

Get feedback and approval to speed up projects.

Your team can manage all projects in Cubicl. One app for both your team and clients.

Connect Your Mailboxes

Receive, reply and manage mails directly inside Cubicl.

New mails are created as tasks. You can keep track of each mail correspondence in task management feature.

Your team or the selected assignees can view and collaborate on mails. Keep everyone in touch with process.

Reply to mails and get replies from clients. Mail correspondence feels like chat app.

Easily find and manage mails. No need to search through all your mails or ask team members to forward them.


Keep records of receivables and payables.

You can create receivables and payables and add all or partial payment to them.

Share details of receivables and payables with your customers. They can follow their payables and receivables on their client portal page.

Get a summary for your outstanding, overdue, paid receivables and payables.

All activities related to payables, receivables and payments that you add are recorded.

Mobile Apps

Your branded Android and iOS client portal apps.

More people use mobile devices every day. Provide them with the easiest way to contact you.

Show your professionalism, quality of service and care for your clients through mobile apps.

We will customize the design, logo and name of the app for your brand.

* Mobile apps are optional and separately purchased.

Try Our Demo Apps

We created demo apps for you to test the mobile apps. Here you will find Android and iOS apps for the imaginary Penguin Agency company. Download the app, create an account and explore!
Don't forget that you will see the app as a client.

download on app store download on google play
Cubicl Logo

Client Portal is Part of Cubicl

Cubicl is a project management, CRM and communication app that allows you to manage all processes in your company. You can manage both your company and clients in the same app. Here is a small part of things you can do with Cubicl.

Use With Your Team

Add your team members, create teams and collaborate.

Task & Project Management

Create and assign tasks and projects. Keep track of projects.


Users can talk with each other one-to-one or as a group.

Time Tracking

Keep track of how much time you spend for tasks and clients.

Gantt Charts

Plan and visualize your projects on Gantt Charts.

Share Files

Store, access and files. Organize them in directories.

... and many more!

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Integrations and Custom Solutions

Integrations and Customization

We can integrate other systems and add custom pages or functionality to the portal. Mail us what you need and we will look at what we can do for you.

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How Does It Work?

You can try all our features with your team for free! Follow these steps.

  1. 1
    Create An Account

    Click here to create an account. If you wish, invite your team.

  2. 2
    Set Up The Client Portal

    Customize the logo, texts, colors and other settings.

  3. 3
    Invite Your Clients to Portal

    Invite your clients to portal by their mail addresses or put your portal page link into your website so that prospects and clients can join by themselves.

  4. 4
    Start Sharing

    Share tasks and files, receive support requests. Communicate with your clients. Everyone will get notifications for activities.


You only pay for your team members. You aren't charged for clients.

View full plan details


per user per month


10,000 Clients
9 GB Storage Per User
Task Management
File Sharing
Many more...


per user per month


Unlimited Clients
30 GB Storage Per User
Task Management
File Sharing
Many more...

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