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Manage your work with Cubicl Project Management Tool. Experience seamless productivity with our intuitive platform.

Use Cases

Task Management

Task Management

You can assign tasks to your team members. It is easy to keep track of tasks thanks to customizable Kanban view. You will get notifications about task assignments, progress change, overdue tasks and comments on the tasks.

Project Management

Project Management

You can plan your projects, get reports and statistics about tasks completed, time spent on tasks and team member performances. You can prepare Gantt Charts and visualize your teams plan on Time Chart page.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Your team can collaborate by sharing files, sending messages in personal or group chat, writing comments on tasks. Information is shared easily and can be reached later.



You can manage your relations with your clients in Cubicl. Create clients, keep track of projects, tasks and deals related to your clients. Use our ticket system to collect support requests.

Client Portal

Client Portal

Provide a portal for your clients. Share projects, tasks and files with them. Let your clients get notified about any progress. Collect support requests and communicate with your clients with ticket system. Embed communication forms and client portal into your website.

Email Integration

Email Integration

Turn your e-mails into tasks by connecting your e-mail boxes such as to Cubicl. Automatically create calendar events from meeting and event mails. Integrate your Exchange Calendar with Cubicl to sync calendars between platforms.



Bookkeeping allows you to keep records of receivables and payables. In this way, you can see who owes you, what is the due date of payments, which payments are late and how much you owe.

I have tried multiple different task management platforms over the years, but ended up not sticking with them. The most common issue I had was there was just too much going on in the UI that it became overwhelming. Cubicl solves this for me by keeping everything simple, but still packed with needed features. Overall a really great tool and I'm so happy I jumped on this deal!


I am really enjoying Cubicl for project management and collaboration with my team. I found it to be user-friendly and intuitive, which made learning it easier. The product tour was helpful in getting me up to speed on how to use the various task management tools. My favorite feature is custom notifications that keep everyone in the loop, particularly being able to streamline emails into tasks.


I have a small law firm and I have remote assistants. This tool works well in tracking tasks and comes with the added bonus of a client portal. They have said it is easy to use and that is really all I wanted. So far, very good.


I have been using Cubicl for some time now and among alternatives Cubicl suits my company best as a project management app. The support is amazing, quick & efficient. The Interface is really User firendly; easy to setup (compared to alternatives) & teams can quickly grab how to use efficiently. Collaboration is easy, and enhanced via chatboxes and project based Comments/File sharings etc. Mobile app is efficient, frequently used by my team working out of the office.


Love this App! A great project management app. Unique and very useful compared to alternative apps. Definitely recommend to everyone.


So glad I switched! I was not in the market for a new project management system but this popped up in a group I am in, and I was curious (always am!), and I checked it out. Something told me I wanted to try it. I am so glad I listened to my gut. I am already in love. It's FAR more intuitive than the others.


Though I use a couple of other client and project management platforms, Cubicl stands out for its friendly user interface and email communications feature. The web design clients I've worked with mostly wanted to communicate via email instead of a client portal. Cubicl turns client-initiated emails into tasks and creates an email conversation for each new task. I look forward to using this feature with a client to see if it helps reduce the need to search for emails and manually create tasks.


Loving it so far! Ah, I just wrote a really long review, then lost it (don't ask), so here's the short version...Things I like:

  • Visually uncluttered and easier to navigate than other.
  • Task views, files, at the client and project level
  • Client portal on a subdomain - and support/update requests go straight into tasks
  • Drive, Calendar, and Slack integrations
  • Comments, Subtasks, and Steps at the Task level
  • Kanban view
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • A support portal that demos the product :-)


It does, what exactly is means for perfectly. Project management is pretty simple and easy. Amazing and simple UI and UX. Blazing support. Speedy development on upgradations.


Amazing tool, great support and dedication. I have the pleasure to have the Erkan help with the setup of my project and it was amazing! The tool has a lot of features and the support is awesome!


Cubicl is a great all-in-one solution. Was looking for a project management software for a few months now. After testing Cubicl for the past week, I bought 3 tiers and will probably buy another 2 for my other business. The main reason I chose Cubicl is that it is a comprehensive solution. In my business, I am using a few tools and this is the only PM tool I found that has tasks, deals, projects, chat, clients AND a client portal. Other ones offer some of these features but none of the tools I looked at (some are crazy expensive) offer all of them as Cubicl does.


Some special and unique features... Like the app, and shifted from others to this one. It is headed the right direction and finally an app which knows what the calendar view and integration means to users. I highly recommend Cubicl.


Intuitive Easy To Use Productivity & Project/Tasks Management Solution. Cubicl is a fantastic tool. It has all of the power you'd expect from a project-/productivity management tool and is simple to use even for those with no or limited experience with these tools. Cubicl is suitable for both one-person freelancers and small to medium-sized businesses. It is thoughtfully designed and has unique features such as bookkeeping (more of an income and expense ledger than a full-fledged bookkeeping system, yet), integration that works well, a client portal, and more.


Excellent. It is super nice. I love this program ...very helpful..I would just like different colours, I mean the design with other colors...


Task and Ticket and Portal engine! Let me first say that I am just getting my feet wet, but the experience thus far has me very excited for what this team is up to... and have you seen the roadmap yet? The support team via chat is up to now busy but very effective - they are quick to respond and very knowledgeable. They use screen grabs to help you find things and even helped me setup forms in a basic test which even suggested best practices on how to embed the portal or make a link/button instead.


Absolutely loved it. I tried much software, the features offered by Cubicl are unmatched, integrations its offering, API support, webhooks, guided tours, nice documentation and help guides. Simply amazing software. Thank you for offering such a nice deal.


Pretty Decent! Well Organized Hierarchy and UI. Overall, Cubicl did a great job, and it's one of the better CRM/PM tools I've tested in a while. Again, while it didn't work out for my extremely niche use-case, I think a lot of people will love this LTD!


I found this software to be very good for managing a lot of tasks, the main difference between it and the others software is the possibility to divide the project into tasks and sub-tasks.

  • The big project = for example building a website for a client
  • The big task to perform = for example to collect materials from the client
  • What does the big task include = for example images or content
  • What does the subtask include = for example photos would be: image photos, atmosphere photos, etc

Easy for work & home. Looked over several task management software for a team I work with. Cubicl was the easiest for other to use. Bought a work license and had everyone in my family by a license for their home office endeavors.


Productive since day one. I am a project manager who sets the bar high when it comes to project management software,. I simply do not have time for trials when projects are already complex to manage. So far, I like Cubicl, and managing the myriad project tasks feel intuitive.

What I like:
  • Great UI
  • Killer email to task feature. No more digging in threads for customers who like to email
  • Strong customization
  • Logical flow. Creates less friction doing work
  • Calendar

We use Cubicl in multiple areas such as task & project management and internal communication. Cubicl makes it convenient for us especially by allowing us to manage our tasks and track them from both mobile and web applications. In this way, detailed information required for reporting is kept chronologically on Cubicl and serves as an agenda for the past.

Petkim SOCAR
Mehmet Onur YAMAN
Senior Material Purchasing Specialist

Cubicl solves our communication problems and prevents communication accidents. It not only facilitates our work in planning but also enables us to follow up and communicate independently of the place. In this way, everyone in the team can contribute the projects or tasks from anywhere via internet access. Central monitoring and transparency are made more comfortable by Cubicl.

Süleyman Cihan Bozkuş
Strategic Analysis & Retail Training Manager

We prefer Cubicl to serve our need for reporting and regular follow-up of the works during our operations. Monitoring and reporting of works in our established facilities in different locations in Turkey are being done effectively via Cubicl. Cubicl provided us with fast and easy reporting.

Borusan EnBW
Borusan EnBW Energy

We use Cubicl to make the planning and tracking our business processes faster and more organized. It became our number one choice due to its easy user interface, numerous features for different fields and specialized solutions it offers for our specific needs. It saves us time by facilitating the management of tasks we carry out with our many employees in different fields.

Agricultural Credit Cooperatives Turkey
Tarım Kredi Birlik

We were trying the manage our work with emails and Excel files before Cubicl. Now we are managing all of our work from a single place without hassle.

ISSD Electronics
Çağrı Yüzbaşıoğlu
ISSD Electronics

Cubicl contributes to increasing our productivity in addition to improving our work flow.

Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Unit Design

We have started managing our projects easily after trying Cubicl. Now, we use it in all our projects.

DSPRO Digital Signal Processing
Atilla Kahraman
DSPRO Digital Signal Processing


Cubicl, the one app that solves them all.

Task Management

Create and assign tasks to team members. You can add details such as start and due dates, sub-steps, description, progress bars and more. Get notified about activities instantly.

Gantt Chart

Let's you easily plan and manage your projects. See project schedule, assignees and task dependencies.


You can talk to your team one-to-one or as a group without changing the page you are working on. You can share files.

Email Notifications

You will be notified by email notifications when you are not online. You get activity, chat, reminder and overdue task notifications and can turn off any of them.

Personal Tasks

You can keep track of your personal tasks. Until you share them with other members, they are only visible to you.


Lets you manage your sales pipeline easily. You can work on deals with your team and customize the sales stages.


You can set user permissions on each project separately for tasks, files, reports etc.

Time Offs

You can add time off both on an organization basis and on a member basis. Time off will also show on the Gantt, Timeline, and Calendar, so, you can adjust days of tasks.

Calendar Events from Mails

Connect your personal or business mail addresses to automatically create tasks from meeting and event mails containing calendar attachments or video conferencing app links.


Keep track of your receivables and payables. Record the due date of payments and the amount has been paid. From the Client Portal, your clients can check the receivables and payables.


Get reports for completed and overdue tasks. See how much time your team spends on the tasks. Get statistics.

Time Tracking

Measures and reports how much time your team spends on assigned tasks. You can also see on which tasks your team is currently working.


Prevent complexity and organize work by creating separate projects for your teams, projects and company units. You can create sub-projects.


Keep your notes in Cubicl instead of constantly disappearing post-it notes. Search and quickly access your notes.

Help Desk

Receive and reply support requests (tickets) submitted by your clients. Assign them to your team and manage customer relations easily.

Different Views

You can view your tasks in Kanban, List and Calendar views. You can put your tasks in Gantt Chart to create a plan. You can use Time Chart to view your team's entire workload.

Private Tasks and Projects

You can create tasks which are only visible to assignees and projects which are only visible to members.

Task Steps

Create checklists (steps) on tasks to manage and view task progress.


There is no need to create sub-tasks under a task that has several stages or check sub-tasks are completed or not. Workflow feature makes it for you.


Create information forms or conduct internal surveys with Forms.

File Sharing

Upload your files and share them with your team in Files page. You can also attach files to tasks or send them over chat.

Instant Notifications

You receive notifications on our web and mobile apps and never miss an important event.


View your entire schedule in your Personal Calendar. View your team's calendar in Project Calendar.

Recurring Tasks

Create your tasks and set them to repeat. New task copies will appear when time comes. Great for regular meetings and work.


You can save clients and quickly access their details. You can keep track of the tasks created for your clients.


Divide a task into smaller subtasks to separate everyone's work and manage them easily.

Current Tasks

Lets you see on which tasks your team members are currently working.


You can export a task/tasks in a project with the detail.

Email Integration

Connect personal or business mail addresses such as to create tasks from incoming mails, work together on them with your team and reply them on Cubicl.

Exchange Server Integration

With Exchange Server integration, you can sync your Exchange Server calendar to Cubicl and follow them as tasks. Or share Cubicl tasks to the Exchange calendar.


Frequently Asked

Cubicl is a simple program to use. You can find the User Manual here. You can learn how to use Cubicl in detail in the user guide. You can also find user onboardings in Cubicl.

We recommend that you review the plan features on our website to choose the plan that will meet your needs. Hover or tap to see descriptions of the features.

Definitely! We store all your information on secure servers and back up our daily database. All our traffic is served over SSL. Penetration testing was conducted by a cyber security company to increase the security of the application.

Yes. You can access Cubicl from anywhere with Android and iPhone applications. You can download our mobile apps from app stores.

In cases where the User Manual and user onboardings are not sufficient, we can provide training support via online meeting.

We charge monthly per user. Your usage amount depends on the number of users. In this way, you only pay for what you use. In addition, you can take advantage of 20% discount for yearly plan.

No. Cubicl is a SaaS. So, you just need to create an account on our site.

We collect your requests in a pool and add them by giving priority to the most requested features. We regularly update our web and mobile applications and announce newly added features to you. If you submit your requests, we will update our development list.

We receive payments by credit card. For this, an account manager needs to register the credit card from the Subscription and Payments tab on the "Organization" page. At the end of every 30 days, your usage fee will be deducted from your card. Then we will prepare your invoice and send it to you. We kindly ask you to save your billing information in the Subscription and Payments tab.

No, you can continue using our app from where you left off. All changes you make will be saved. If you want to use it on a new account, you need to create an account again.

If you don't want to continue using it after your free trial period ends, you don't need to take any action or close your account. Your account will not be active unless you start subscription from the Subscription and Payments tab on the "Organization" page. If you still want your account to be deleted completely, you can contact us.

You can use the live chat on our website, create a support ticket, or send us an email.

Download Cubicl Introductory Slides

In the "Cubicl 101: Everything You Need" presentation, discover all the features in Cubicl within 10 minutes!
In the "Cubicl 201: Explore Cubicl's Full Potential" presentation, examine Cubicl on flexibility, simplicity, privacy, automation, and practicality.


You can connect your Google Calendar, Google Drive, Gmail, Microsoft E-mail, Dropbox and Slack apps to Cubicl. Or integrate Cubicl with other applications with Webhooks or Cubicl API.

Cubicl and Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar

Import your calendar into Cubicl as tasks. Sync the tasks in Cubicl to Google Calendar.

Cubicl and Google Drive Integration

Google Drive

Attach files to tasks directly from your Google Drive account.

Cubicl and Gmail Integration


Mails from your clients are created as tasks. You can reply directly in Cubicl.

Cubicl and Microsoft Integration

Microsoft E-mail

Mails to Microsoft based mail addresses are created as tasks. You can reply directly in Cubicl.

Cubicl and Dropbox Integration


Attach files to tasks directly from your Dropbox account.

Cubicl and Slack Integration


Get important notifications in your Slack channel and never miss a thing again. Learn more

Cubicl API Integration

Cubicl API

Connect your software to Cubicl through our API. Automate your work.

Cubicl Webhook Integration


Integrate Cubicl with other applications with webhooks.

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You can upload files by taking photos. You can create clients from your contacts and many more...

Our Roadmap

We keep adding new features to our app! Please send a feature request if you have one. We update our roadmap multiple times a month.

You can check our changelog for past updates.

Otomatik Planlama
Automatic Scheduling

As using artificial intelligence you can create optimal schedules for assignees. It helps eliminate guesswork and frustration while limiting the potential for human error.

Sanal Asistan
Virtual Assistant

AI virtual assistant helps you to find tasks, chats and reports in Cubicl based on your commands or questions. It helps you to take action quickly.


No-code automation uses a drag-and-drop method to create automated workflows and processes without writing a single line of code.

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