Cubicl Logo Cubicl and Slack Integration

Integrate Your Slack and Cubicl Task Management App Accounts

Our integration with Slack allows you to receive important notifications in your Slack channels.

In Cubicl, you organize your work by Groups. You can create groups for your teams and projects. Similarly, in Slack, you can create channels for your teams and projects. Therefore, you can connect each group to a different Slack channel. You will get notifications in your Slack channel when:

  • A task is created in the group
  • A task is updated
  • A task is deleted
  • A support request is created by your client
  • A client responded to a support request

To connect a group to your Slack channel, first go to the "Settings" page of the group. Then, click on the "Actions" tab. You will see the "Add to Slack" button as shown in the screenshot below.

Integrate Slack with Cubicl